HEMCO_Config.rc, HEMCO_Diagn.rc


Like input.geos, information about the HEMCO_Config.rc file is the same as for GEOS-Chem Classic with a few exceptions. Refer to the HEMCO documentation for an overview of the file.

Some content of the HEMCO_Config.rc file is ignored by GCHP. This is because MAPL ExtData handles file input rather than HEMCO in GCHP.

Items at the top of the file that are ignored include:

  • ROOT data directory path

  • METDIR path

  • DiagnPrefix

  • DiagnFreq

  • Wildcard

In the BASE EMISSIONS section and beyond, columns that are ignored include:

  • sourceFile

  • sourceVar

  • sourceTime

  • C/R/E

  • SrcDim

  • SrcUnit

All of the above information is specified in file ExtData.rc instead with the exception of diagnostic prefix and frequency. Diagnostic filename and frequency information is specified in HISTORY.rc.


Like in GEOS-Chem Classic, the HEMCO_Diagn.rc file is used to map between HEMCO containers and output file diagnostic names. However, while all uncommented diagnostics listed in HEMCO_Diagn.rc are output as HEMCO diagnostics in GEOS-Chem Classic, only the subset also listed in HISTORY.rc are output in GCHP. See the HEMCO documentation for an overview of the file.