Information about the input.geos file is the same as for GEOS-Chem Classic with a few exceptions. See the input.geos file wiki page for an overview of the file.

The input.geos file used in GCHP is different in the following ways:

  • Start/End datetimes are ignored. Set this information in CAP.rc instead.

  • Root data directory is ignored. All data paths are specified in ExtData.rc instead with the exception of the FAST-JX data directory which is still listed (and used) in input.geos.

  • Met field is ignored. Met field source is described in file paths in ExtData.rc.

  • GC classic timers setting is ineffectual. GEOS-Chem Classic timers code is not compiled when building GCHP.

Other parts of the GEOS-Chem Classic input.geos file that are not relevant to GCHP are simply not included in the file that is copied to the GCHP run directory.