See compile.

build directory

A directory where build configuration settings are stored, and where intermediate build files like object files, module files, and libraries are stored.


Generating an executable program from source code (which is in a plain-text format).


A formal model component. MAPL organizes model components with a tree structure, and facilitates component interconnections.


The MAPL gridded-component that handles model output. All GCHP output diagnostics are facilitated by HISTORY.

restart file

A NetCDF file with initial conditions for a simulation.

run directory

A directory that stores a GEOS-Chem simulation. This directory contains configuration files, the simulations ouptut, and sometimes input files like restart files.


A cubed-sphere grid that is “stretched” to enhance the grid resolution in a region.

target face

The face of a stretched-grid that is refined. The target face is centered on the target point.