Downloading GCHPΒΆ

Clone the GCHP repository from GitHub:

gcuser:~$ git clone Code.GCHP

Next, update the submodules. These are other repositories that are nested inside the GCHP repository. Initialize the submodules:

gcuser:~$ cd Code.GCHP
gcuser:~/Code.GCHP$ git submodule update --init --recursive

By default, your source code will be on the main branch. It is a good idea to checkout an official release rather than use the main branch. You can find the list of GCHP releases here. Checkout the version that you want to work with, and update your submodules:

gcuser:~/Code.GCHP$ git checkout 13.0.0-beta.1
gcuser:~/Code.GCHP$ git submodule update --init --recursive


Version 13 is not officially released yet. Until then, the most recent commit to main is the most stable version of GCHP. Therefore, we recommend you checkout main, rather than a version like 13.0.0-beta.1. E.g.:

$ git checkout main   # recommended until version 13 is officially released

Once version 13 is released, we will resume recommending users checkout a specific version.